About us

The concerns grow with respect to people who have got children at home: how much time should my child be allowed to play with or use a smartphone? What are the health risks? What should I look for in an ideal app for my child? How can I make them safe? All of these questions are valid when it comes to our children since we’re still learning how to handle new technologies. We’ve assembled research and studies with the assistance of a medical team, educators and human development specialists in easy to read articles so that teenagers, young adults and/or parents are able to find information quickly and balance technology and their routines in the healthiest way possible. 

Our proposal is to bring information that will help you get along well with technology, such as separating useful information from the not-so-useful and how to avoid the misuse of certain tools. As well as the articles, we also make applications for children. Our first app is called Truth and Tales and it is an interactive children’s book library. Truth and Tales is advertisement-free and was conceived as an alternative for children to use technology in a healthy way and to develop skills in a subtle and fun way. 

And how do we make all of this happen? 

We seek to create other paradigms. We present the standards that people have in regard to technology and we offer another way of seeing and living inside this framework. After all, we are not short of possibilities — they are endless. We want people to realize that we can change a scenario of fear, insecurity and violence into a vision where it is possible to learn, to enjoy technologies and to live with them in a healthy and productive way. 

Our app Truth and Tales is the first example of our putting all of this into practice. We have developed an app for children about tales of Afghan origin. From the perspective of the paradigm that children are becoming more and more addicted to smartphones and that they only “receive” information, it could have been just another app that uses marketing to children to get successful. But we developed this app on top of another paradigm: using technology to spread a material that acts directly on children’s perception and on their development as human beings. 

We want children and adults to become more aware of themselves and to put their full power, beauty and wisdom into the world. For years the benefit of certain kinds of stories and tales that develop the cognition and are assimilated by us in a different way have been studied. We went after these stories and this material to pass on this type of valuable content. 

According to recent studies, people learn better by means of stories and associations linked in the brain and use these examples to solve their issues in life. The way these stories are told say a lot about how the person will fix problems and think of different ways out, since they are associations. 

One of the backbones of Explot is to remember that each human being has a seed within him or herself capable of expressing his or her latent potential, within endless possibilities. We aim to select content that walks alongside this goal. We live in a world where it is easy to distance ourselves from ourselves and forget our essence. Our production intends to develop and open the mind to the most diverse situations in a way that allows us to perceive and express everything that we truly are. 

But how do we do that? We do it all with love. We want the world to be filled with independent and healthy people and, for this purpose, we work so that self-knowledge is stimulated. We propose to bring the child to discover, to reflect, to debate and to make remarks based on their own experience.